All of our soaps are made in small batches by hand with the best ingredients we can find. Natural and organic oils – Coconut, olive and palm (rain forest friendly) and pure essential oils. We never use fragrance or dyes. Because personally we can’t stand either.

We started making soap in our tiny apartment in Venice, Ca 15 years ago (Wow!) with our kitchen aid mixer and a book from the library. We were hooked immediately. 15 or so batches later we came up with a delicious rich, creamy bar of soap. It wasn’t too long before friends and family started asking for more than just an occasional gift. So here we started a little Soap Co-op of sorts.

You’ll find options for buy our soap by the bar (with box suggestions to save on shipping). And our monthly soap subscriptions – these are a lot fun and will guarantee you never run out delicious soap. Scents always vary – because that’s just how we roll. Check our facebook page for a current scent availability. And Enjoy!

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