Sqrl & Bee Studio + Melissa Frueh – artist, designer, crafter, Momma….

It all started with a little Pig named Momoco.. I found her online, she was on a page that was entirely in Japanese. This was when Google translator was young and not very good at translating. Anyway it was hard to decipher and not possible to purchase.

I was amazed by this little pig because she was obviously handmade and made of wool or some kind of fiber. But she had No Seams! This was when I first discovered Needle Felting. I have always loved wool so it was easy to fall in love with Felting.

We lived in a pretty remote town in Northern California at the time, but believe it or not the local fabric store had what I needed to get started. I haven’t stopped since.

My work has change a lot over the years. I’m passionate about many things but they are all rooted in my love of simple, uncomplicated and timeless work. Made from scratch and straight from the heart. I love simple and sustainable design and I love color, ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed. It is very much a part of my life and my work.

I currently reside in the lovely city of Columbus, Ohio with my husband and daughter and our four cats!

If you want to know more about my life, my home and my inspirations you can find me on Instagram and Tumblr. If you’d like shop and studio updates follow along with us on Facebook . You can also find me on Etsy.

My husband Andrew Frueh, has his own website where he makes robots, artwork about Tourettes, and other random things.

Thanks for stopping by!